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The Art of Body worship by  web cam slaves

Body worship is the art of showing attention to a body part of a dominant in a BDSM relationship. It can range from foot worship to ass or breasts and even muscles. It is always the submissive worshiping the areas of the Dominant and it varies as to what part of the body is being focussed on based on what sort of relationship the top and bottom have with each other.

For example, some femdom relationships are with a dominant female and submissive male where the male is not worthy of even SEEING the woman’s naked ass or breasts, never mind touching them intimately.

These types of scenarios will be power play with the man kissing the Dommes feet or her rear end through her clothes. You can also get roles where the male will be made to worship the woman’s muscles.

This is a very powerful way to highlight just how much power the dominatrix has over the slave. To kiss her muscles is showing he respects, fears and worships the part that gives her the physical strength that causes him the pain.

By kissing her feet, he is showing respect for the lowest part of her body, and the part she touches the ground with. Another perfect way to illustrate the change in power from Dom to sub.

Slaves who are not worthy of intimate body worship long to touch their Mistress but know it will never happen and the desire and desperation will drive them wild that they only get to touch the most humiliating areas.

More intimate Body devotion Online 

Moving to more intimate body devotion, you have slave males who are a bit more worthy of being allowed access to their owners more private areas. Areas such as ass or pussy. Now this might seem weird. “How can a dominant allow a submissive that kind of intimacy?” is a common question. The answer lies in the fact that to venerate a female’s body parts such as her ass, it installs the sense of inferiority in the guy and to be ordered to your knees and made to pucker up to her bum cheeks and peck them with his lips is degrading and revering at the same time.

Ass devotion can also be done via face sitting, or “queening” where the female Domme will order you to lie on your back. She will stand over you with a foot either side of your head, hitch her skirt up and plonk herself down on your face.

She will not give a damn how much you struggle for air or how much you are suffocating. She will only want you to bury your tongue deep in her asshole and lick and caress it with your tongue. If you are lucky, she will do it facing forwards and you will get to lick her pleasure area.

You will not, however, be allowed to touch yourself at all. There can also be breast fascination, where the guy will show devotion to the boobs of his dominatrix. Again, to show his love and admiration for the biggest part of her body that makes her a female shows how much more this superior woman is over the inferior man.

It is also worth noting that a slave will NEVER be allowed to touch themselves sexually or pleasure themselves during intimate body worship. So while it may seem like this is not a sub/Dom type of scenario, it is when you consider that only one is getting any pleasure while the other gets nothing but humiliation.
Which brings us to the holy grail. The ultimate honour that can be given or bestowed on a submissive. Pussy worshiping. Real men get to have sex with her, pathetic lowly sniveling slaves get to kiss her feet or lick her arse but some slaves get to perform oral sex by showing complete appreciation for her holiest of holies.

To be a submissive, kissing and licking her pussy is the ultimate crown he can be given. Most are given it because they have shown they have good use with their tongue. Lying on a bed and spreading her legs before pulling her knickers to the side and barking “Lick” at him, any decent slave will instantly drop to his knees and begin giving oral servitude till she had orgasmed at least twice.


Whether the dude prefers shaved or hairy vaginas is irrelevant. This is not about his or you pleasure. It is about HERS. You will not be allowed to touch your penis which will in all probability get rock hard as you lick away.
There are dozens of online Dommes who offer intimate body worship cam sessions. Showing you their naked torsos and having you adore them and love them.